Umbreon inspired makeup look! || Pokemon #1||

Hello after a long break I am inspired to post again with a Pokemon Go character inspired makeup looks. If you have any character you want me to do comment below also feel free to request any from the pokemon show to!


The BEAUTIFUL wig is from Lush wigs they are so amazing and I want so many more wigs. This style is Tarot I think but it’s beautiful!

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On the eyes I used Yellow shadow for the wing as I didn’t have a yellow eyeliner plus I wanted it to be kind of messy and blend in really well to the black that was being put all over my lid. Then all I did was take some red and place that on my inner corner to perfect the look and I’m in love! I honestly don’t think I’ll top this look!

Product list for eyes & lips :

Lips is a the purple KissMe by live glam which is a monthly subscription but use any dark purple matte lipstick you have MUA make up academy have a great one in kookie I think it’s called as to Gerard Cosmetics in Gravity I also think it’s called. Then I took some black eyeshadow and put that on the outer portion of my lips to make an ombre effect.


Eyes I used two palettes Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette & Sleek Sunset Divine Palette. 

First I put down some tape near my eye to insure I would have the wing I wanted then I took the yellowish shade from Sleeks palette and started bringing that along my lid to make the wing effect. As it was hard to build I then went to the Androgyny Palette and dipped into frosting which worked better and made the wing more intense.

Then taking the black from the Sleek palette I layered that all over my lid being careful not to cover my wing in black shadow and I also put the black along my bottom lash line and kept building until it was super black. This black is also the one I used on my lips.

Then taking the red in the sleek palette I added it to my inner corner to deepen it I wet into the dark red in Jeffree Star’s palette and then once again topped it off with the red in sleeks palette.

The eyeliner and mascara are both from essence in black.






Being VERY picky about my foundation I have finally found the one -cue wedding bells here- This fits my pale skintone perfectly and gives full coverage plus lasts hours and looks stunning as seen above. There are no effects on the picture I didn’t play with softening or texture or anything like that. This foundation made my skin look amazing and my skin is oily and acne prone and loves to show off my pores I also didn’t use a primer with my foundation to really test it and I’m obsessed.


The foundation is L’oreal infallible 24h-matte in shade porcelain which cost me 15.00 Euro in my local pharmacy which is on the pricier side for drugstore but I do think it is worth every penny. For my girls out there with bad skin I highly recommend this one!

Valentine’s Day look || Affordable||

I love this look so much, it’s perfect for any Valentine’s day plans.

Let me just gush about how much I love #sleekgoodnightsweetheart palette!! These palettes are so amazing seriously.

Face – #maybelline¬† matte+poreless And then concealed with Maybelline’s age rewind then went in with Make up revolutions contour palette¬†#catrice¬† blush which is new and so, so, amazing!¬†#bourjois¬†fill in and highlight pencil and then of course I used highlight and used Sleeks Midas touch 009.

Now to the fun part the eyes! Oh how I love a good eye look.

Eyes –#sleekgoodnightsweetheart¬† #makeuprevolution¬† palette#eatsleepmakeuprepeat¬† #Essence¬† eyeliner pencil#soapandglory¬† mascara

Lips Р#catrice  lipstick Victorian poetry in poetic pick

And then you are done! Please tell me if you try it or if you enjoyed the look.


Valentine’s Day look #1 || Harley Quinn Edition ||

With valentine’s day coming I plan and showcasing tons of affordable valentines day looks that with slay the game no matter who you are with or even if you are rocking valentines day single….you may as well look fierce.


I used all affordable products for this look and just went wild. Using make up revolution palette in Eat, Sleep, Make up Repeat and mt trusty Red lipstick by NYX. Comment for product details or if you would like to see more DC styled valentine’s day looks.

I shall be posting more within the next few days!


19 year olds short view of feminism equality and kindness.

I feel like feminism is a new craze, almost as if it is being treated like a fad. The media does that to important subjects. Let’s start with the media’s affect on things and why it’s not so good. The media is taking feminism and telling us woman what we ”are” or what we ”need” to be and this itself is a total breach of feminism. This is a breath because we are still telling women what to be, we are taking them and telling them to be the opposite of what we were fifty years ago. Now is this all bad? Am I complaining that instead of woman being told to stay at home, have no rights, only work at being mothers and have no opinion? OF COURSE NOT! Hell no! What I’m saying is that the media makes us feel like we all need to be beyonce to be a feminist and that’s not true. A woman who is a happy stay at home housewife can be every bit as much a feminist as a woman who works and earns her own money… as long as that is their choice and they don’t judge the other for being a stay at home housewife or vise versa.

Now as a 19 year old these are just my thoughts so far. BUT, to me feminism is women and men knowing that we are all equal. Woman can go out and work, not be forced into getting  married or having babies and this is accepted as much as a man who chooses to stay at home and raise the kids while the mother goes out to work. Sometimes we applaud one and think less of the other. Equality means we need to stop expecting woman to be damsel in distresses who need rescuing as much as we need to stop expecting men to have to handle everything and not be allowed to express sadness or vulnerability.

In fact please imagine this. This is what I want and what I live by, imagine a world without titles. Theres no straight, gay, transgender, bisexual, male, female…and so on. There are no words that take a person and put them in a box with other people who fit the same title as them. We are all human, we all laugh and cry, breath and die, bleed and heal, think and create. So why can’t we all love and accept. Now don’t get me wrong obviously a world without conflict is impossible it’s in nature to not click with something and dislike it but why can’t we just walk away from that? Why do some of us insist on making it clear to that person we hate them, and then why go out of our way to bully them with words and actions? If you didn’t like a movie would you watch it? Would you listen to a song you don’t like while driving? No, you’d turn it off and put on something you do like. So turn away from someone you dislike or hate and turn to someone you do.

To clear up this bit of writing. I just think we all need to stop labeling, stop forcing the medias idea of feminism where only woman rule because equality is us all ruling together and sometime the media blocks that and we need to stop being so mean to each other just because we have the power of saying something online rather to someone’s face.

I am a feminist. We all should be because it’s fair not just sexy.

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Royal Peach Kylie Cosmetic Dupe?!!

Okay so alot of Kylies eyeshadow palettes look amazing, actually they all have in my opinion. Only like most of her stuff they sell out fast and are expensive even more so if I want it shipped here to ireland. So I went on the look for a dupe and although it’s missing some shades you can do the look that is placed on the front of the cover and if you really want a full dupe which I am sure you do well keep reading.


Sadly the palette that gives you the above look and look in the top picture comes from one palette by Sleek Cosmetics called ‘ On the horizon ‘ which is limited so act fast but for 10.99 it’s so, so good. It’s pigmented the mattes and shimmers are amazing. I coated my lid in the shade marked 2, used 1 on the inner corner of my lid and under lined my eye with blue and smudged out more of 2 to get the look. This lasted all day, all freaking day people!¬†I highly recommend this palette.

If you pair this sleek palette with the I-divine sunset palette you will have even more of the shades. All these shades are buildable and pigmented and don’t have any fallout. AMAZING. So two palettes both 10.99 make a dupe for the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie and I think it’s amazing as I tested both these palettes and adore them!!


Between these two palettes by sleek you have the peachy orange shades, the pinks, the beautiful blue, golds and the bronze one also. Below is a picture of the Kylie Royal Peach Palette and the two dupes I have so you can judge the colours yourself. There are not as many mattes that is a drawback but a lot of the colours are absolute dupes for the ones in this palette


As you can see this palette has a lot of look alike colors and when swatched you really, really see how alike some of these are. The only problem with these swatches is that the yellow tone looks more white because of the flash but it swatches a bright yellow. The others are slightly lightened by the flash but not much.


Left РOn the Horizon |  Right РI-Divine Sunset

So even if you don’t have the $$ or you are not quick enough when her palette launches to snap one up I hope, hope, hope this helped and you try these palettes out which are half the price and have so many look alike shades that wear beautifully. Please let me know if you liked this post as I’d be happy to hunt more dupes for other things and I would LOVVVE to know if any of you are trying these products so do comment below if you are.

Rosey Pink Heavens | TUTORIAL |

This look is beautiful and although I wore it to my grocery store I highly recommend it for a an event or going out it’s so stunning and easy it would constantly just catch light.

Foundation – Maybelline matte + poreless.

This foundation I’m loving lately, I first primed my faced with nivea men’s post shave balm. I put the foundation on with my foundation brush and it just melts into the skin and looks so amazing. It’s my new favourite.

Bronzer – Makeup Revolution contour & highlight palette

I mix the two middle dark shades together lightly and with a light hand and a fluffy brush I to the frame of my face this bronzer and contour shades are so great another love.

Highlight – Make up revolution contour & highlight palette

I used the shade at the right hand side, the more pinkish, champagne colour on all the parts of my face I wanted to highlight, so my nose, cheekbones, upper lip.

Blush – NYC I can’t find the name of it sadly but it’s such a pretty pink that shows up beautifully.

Brows – Boujis brow and highlight pencil.

I personally love this one as it’s so easy to work with for someone who already has a thick brow I really just need to fill in so I find a waxy pencil works best for me.

Eyeshadow – Sleek sunset palette

My favourite palette of all time at the moment. I use the red shade and the deep, deep, pinky, purple colour on the outer part of my lid lightly just to darken it. I applied both colors under my undereye as well to really smoke it out.

Mascara – Essence forbidden volume rebel

I love Essence mascaras however this wouldn’t be my favourite. It’s not bad just not as good as some of their others that I have used. It can be clumpy which I can find hard to work with sometimes, but it does look good.

Lips – Wet n Wild in Wine Room

Looks beautiful, I love the colour, feels beautiful. Looks matte almost, lasts so long I ate and drank for dinner and still had colour on my lips. So amazing I need more wet n wild in my life.



Emily Ratajkowski Golden Globes | Tutorial |

This look is so beautiful and although here in ireland we don’t have the LA sun that was very much present in LA I just pretended I was there…Okay onto the tutorial and all products used here are affordable and worked out amazingly.

Face –

Primer is Nivia Mens post shaving balm ¬†– This is working really well for me so far being only 3.80 euro in my local pharmacy it’s blowing my mind.

Foundation is Maybelline fit me matte+pore minimising

Bronzer is out of the Black Canvas contour palette

Blush is Essence shape your face in ready set peach

Highlight is from my make up revolution contour palette

Lips –

Maybelline vivid matte in orange shot patted it down so it wasn’t so pigmented and then but W7 lip plumping gloss over it for a clear glossy effect.

Eyes –¬†

Sleek sunset palette I mixed the orange and gold shade all over my lids and under my  lash line.

Mascara is Essence forbidden volume Rebel

Eyeliner was essence in black

Eyebrows –

Bourjois eyebrow and highlight pencil


That’s it people! if you have any requests please feel free to comment below and let me know! Follow and like please for more and I hope you enjoyed this!<3 Bye,


Lily Collins Golden Globes 2017 | Tutorial |

Okay so let me start this by saying HELLO! And I hope you enjoy seeing and trying this tutorial using all affordable make-up…Yes affordable.

To start off I used the Catrice primer all over my skin.

I then moved onto foundation. Today I used the Maybelline fit me matte+poreless in shade 115 and applied this with my beauty sponge. Once that was set I followed the look by leaving out the bronzer as Lily seemed to own her pale skin and go for a light chic look which I love. So I went in which my Black canvas contour palette and took the peachy shade and applied that on my cheecks, I then went over it with the soap and glory GLOW ALL OUT luminising face power and also applied that to my nose, cheeckbones for highlight.

The eyes were my favourite and the picture doesn’t do the eyes exact justice but also my eyes came out more of a mauve pink where as hers was a peachy pink. For the eyes I used my favourite palette, Sleek sunset palette. I took the two link shades and took turns applying them all over my lid and along my lower lash line until I got the intensity I wanted. Then I applied Soap and Glory mascara and the eyes were done!

Eyebrows I used Bourjois brow and highlight pencil.

Lips are Sleek matte me in shade Rioja Red to get the intense bright red lip. In the photo for some reason the lips look a little brighter but I promise it was the same intense red!

Then I was left with Golden Globes worthy glam but no red carpet to walk -Insert sad face here-

These are the products used! If you found this helpful them please let me know, more looks will be coming and I’m considering starting video tutorials so let me know if that’s something you’d want to see. Till next time. Bye!